Saturday, 16 April 2011

What's in my make-up bag?

For my first post i decided to do a whats in my make up bag because i really like make-up and i like seeing what products everyone else has been using so i thought people might like to see what i'm using :) 

This is my Make-up bag- 

It is Jack Wills Cleveleys Cosmetic Bag and it is £5.I like it because i like jack wills but also it is see through so it is easy to find what you are looking for :) 

First Product- Foundation

It is the Laura Mercier Moisturising foundation and it was £27.50. It is quite pricey but really worth the money. I am in the colour Blush Ivory and i like it because it doesn't go on patchy and it isn't too thick. It also doesn't make me look orange and if applied a few times over blemishes it can act as a concealer.

Second Product-Bronzer

I use the MAC bronzing power, it is £17.50 and i have it in the colour golden. I like it because it gives me a slightly darker tone without making me look orange. i doesn't go on patchy and isn't too thick. I has a bit of shimmer in it which gives your face a glow in the sunlight. 

Third Product- Blusher 
I use the MAC blusher from the quite cute collection, it is in the colour giggly. It was £15 and well worth it. I only bought it last week and so far i have loved it. I like is because it is a really nice light pink and it defines your cheekbones really well.

Fourth Product-Eye Brightener 

I use the Benefit eye brightener. It was £14 and it really does work. I apply it under my eyes as in the morning i get quite bad bags. It really brings out your eyes and you don't look as tired!

Fifth Product-Mascara

I use the Max Factor lash lash effect. For only £7.99 it is an amazing mascara. I have used quite a few mascaras and it have been my favourite so far. I like it because it makes your lashes look a lot longer and i think it kind of curls them at the same time, it is max factors biggest ever brush and it doesn't make them clumpy. 

Sixth Product- Lipstick

It is a MAC lipstick, from the viva glam collection. It is the lady gaga one and is £10.50. It is such a nice colour and it looks really nice on. 

Seventh Product-Perfume
I use Givenchy play, it comes in 3 sizes- a small, medium and large. I bought the small to try and see if i liked it and i fell in love with it, it smells so good and i really like the bottle. The small is really portable which i like because i like to have it in my bag. It is quite an expensive perfume with the smallest bottle (30ml) costing £36 but i think it is worth it and as i have nearly finished mine i will definitely be buying a new one!

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  1. I really want to get the bronzer and the eye brightener!
    Also, that lipstick is lovely xxx

  2. Great post, I love the lipstick :)
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  3. what interesting products. Love the background.
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