Monday, 18 April 2011

My New Room!!

Hey guys, i'm getting my room and bathroom done up soon and i thought i would share some of the things that i'm getting for it! At the moment i have light pink walls in both room and bathroom. I have cream carpet in my bedroom and wooden floor in my bathroom. I have a small light yellow sofa, wooden wardrobe and cream drawers. Im getting my sofa taken out and my wooden wardrobe painted cream and sanded (so it is made to look old). Im getting my walls painted white and i am getting wooden floor. Here are a few things i would like in My room!

This is the wooden floor i am getting. I choose it because it fits with the colour scheme and i like the look of it. I am going for a simple look but with detailed bed sheets etc...

These are the Cath Kidston bedsheets i am getting. I think it will fit with my room because everything else is so plain and this is colourful so it will stand out.

 These are the matching pillow cases to the bedsheets. Im hoping my bed isnt going to look too busy with the same print pillow cases to the bedsheets but we will have to wait and see!

This is a Cath Kidston bathmat for my bathroom. My bathroom will be painted white and everything else will be white so this pink and white polka dot mat will go very well in my bathroom. I like it because it is really cute and i like the colours.

This is the Cath Kidston cherry hand wash. I smelt this in the shop and instantly wanted it in my bathroom!

This is a Cath Kidston Bath hat. I really wanted one of these to keep my hair dry when i'm not washing it and i used to have a Benefit one but i accidentally broke it! I really like the pattern on this hat so this is why i have chose it for my bathroom.

These are the Cath Kidston towels. They are for my bathroom and they match my bathmat. As i said everything else is white so pink and white towels will be very appropriate for my bathroom.

This is a Cath Kidston soap in a little egg. I think this is really cute and i like the colours of the outside of the egg.

This is a clock from Next. I think this is really cute and i like the little butterflies, it is silver so it will go really nicely with the white walls!

These are Cath Kidston Incense sticks. There are a choice of two smells- Wild rose and Bluebell. I have chosen the Bluebell. I really like my room smelling clean and fresh and i think these will do the job :)

As you can see these are Cath Kidston Rose Drawer Liners. I have had drawer liners in the past and they made my clothes smell really nice so i am going to try out these ones!

This is a Cath Kidston laptop case. I have been looking at laptop cases for a while now and this one jumped out at me. It is blue so i think it will go nicely with my blue bedsheets and white walls!

I dont really read that much but while browsing the Urban Outfitters website i came across this book. I think it looks really interesting and i am really into style so i thought i would enjoy reading it!

Thanks for reading!
Im doing another post in a second! :)
Lara xxx


  1. Lovely post, that clock is amazeballs and I love the Cath Kidson towels.

  2. Dear Lara,

    Those Cath kidson sheet have a nice vintage feel. Nice choice. Thanks for leaving a lovely message on my page. I have added you to my blogroll list. I also noted that you commented on the Chanel Giveaway but i wasnt entirely sure if you were wanting to include your name. Let me know if you want to by leaving your contacts under the post.

    Squeeze The Pug

  3. how cute! I'd love to see the finished room. The items look so vintage :]

  4. Thank you! It will be finished in 1-2 months so i will post a picture of it! xxx

  5. such pretty items, you have good taste! am now following you, would be great if you could follow me back to :)
    Flora x

  6. Hey thanks for the sweet comment and follow.Im following you bac.Great blog bdw.Your room going to look great when its finished.

  7. oh, its going tolook so great! Love Cath Kidston xx

  8. Cute blog!

    be sure to enter my giveaway for a chance to win an item by Anthropologie (it's third post down)

  9. i will! and thank you! xxx

  10. Your room is going to be so cute! :)

  11. really like the floral bed cover!!

  12. so cute,
    love your sence of style!
    great blog,

  13. thank you! I am following you! please follow back! xx

  14. Hi Lara,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and comment, it means a lot! You have a lovely blog. You'll have to post photos of your new room when it's done. It looks like it's going to be lovely! Am now following you =) xx

  15. your bedsheets are so pretty :)