Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Giveaway: Sigma Travel E25 blending brush

This is my first giveaway and it is a sigma travel e25 blending brush! :) 

All you have to do is be follow me and leave your name and email address and i will email you if you have won!

For extra entries you can follow me on twitter (lararobertsonx) +1
Tweet about my giveaway (leave me your twitter name if your doing this) +1
Do a post on my giveaway +2

Winner will be announced on 10th July!
 Good Luck girlies! xoxo

Nearly at 50 followers...

guysssss help me get to 50 followers by the end of june and i am going to do a giveaway!!!! pleaaaaaaseeeee xxxxx

Monday, 27 June 2011


This is a picture of me and my mums friends daughter, she is now 7 but i held her when she was 12 days and shes like my little sisteeeeeeeer :) 

Look at her little teeeeth

I love her
This is my other little favouriteeee, she is her sister and shes 3 :) 

Just thought i would share these with youuu

lara xoxo 

Hahahahah this makes me laugh :L

I found this video on my laptop from christmas, we are actually really good at these and can do about 5 in a row but this time it doesn't go to plan... hhahhahah

You should try this with one of your friends, its fun...but hurts if you land on your back or neck :L 

Thankkkk youuuu
Lara xoxo

Newww Blushhherrrrrrs

I bought two new blushers recently and i thought i would tell you about them :) 

The first oneeee.......

This is well dressed by mac..i really like the colour of this blusher as it is a light pink and i think will look nice in the summerrrr :) 

I have heard loads of people talking about this blusher and it was voted best of Sephora in 2008 so i thought i would try it, it looks different to how it is shown on the website and it kind out reminds me of coralista which i like :) I think this blusher would be nice with a tanned face and a summers glow in the summer 

I recommend both blushers to you if you are looking for a new one cause i really like them both 

Thank youuu
Lara xoxo

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Found a giveaway..

I found this giveaway and i just thought you would all like to see it as i think you should enter! :) Click here to go to her giveaway page!

MAC Giveaway!

Hey Honey-Bees!  

I'm back again with another Giveaway!
This Giveaway isn't for anything specific, just a thank you to every single one of my followers for your kind support and hours of awesome chit-chats!


Up for grabs we have:A MAC lipstick of your choice from their main line!
A MAC eye shadow of your choice from their main line!

 Now for the Rules: 

  • You must be a public follower of my blog! :)
  • This is an international Giveaway! So any one can participate! 
  • If you are under 16 you must have parental permission, as I will need your postal address if you win!
  • Please leave a nice little comment below! Please don't forget your please/thank you's. It's just polite.
  • Please leave your blog address or email address in your comment, so I can contact you if you win!
  • Please only leave ONE comment, any more than one will NOT be counted! 

For extra Entries:
  •  Like my Facebook Page (1 extra entry)
  • Follow me on Twitter @brittanylovexx AND Tweet about this Giveaway - "Enter @brittanylovexx MAC Giveaway -" (2 extra entries)
  • Link my Giveaway in your sidebar (3 extra entries)
  • Write an actual blog post about my Giveaway (4 extra entries)

As stated before, this Giveaway is open internationally! The closing date of this will be the 1st of Julyy 2011, that gives everyone plenty of time to join in! The winner will be announced shortly after that date on my blog, and will be contacted directly! So don't forget to give me a way to contact you! Unfortunately, if the winner does not respond within 72 hours of being notified, I will give this prize bundle to the runner up!

Good luck to everyone! I look forward to reading your comments!
Much love,

Sunnny Dayyy :)

Today was actually sunny! its not been nice in so long! Enjoy the weather! 

Byeeeeeee :) xxx

Some of my room, its not completely finished yet!

Ages ago i was saying that i was getting my room done, well here is some of it :) 

I will add more pictures when it is completely finished :)
Lara xxx


Smileeeeeee, you deserve too :D 

My top 10 favourite celebs..

I though i would share with all you pretties my favourite celebs...They are in order..

1. My favourite of all time...JUSTIN BIEBER 

Justin bieber is so inspiring and i love him so much, he's amazing...and i went to see him on March 11th 2011 and it was the best night of my life. BE A BELIBER...btw...currently watching Justin bieber: Never say Never

2. Channing Tatum...he is so hot. I love him.

3. Chuck Bass...What can i say...Chuck bass is a stud, and he is amazing and so stunning and i love him <3

4. Blake Lively & Leighton Meester
These two are amazing, i love the gossip girl and Blake and Leighton are both amazing people and style icons, i want their lives in NYC.

 5.Rihanna...Rihanna is actually amazing, i love her red hair and she is so just hot...definitely got a girl crush on her...

6.Colin Egglesfield- I only just found out who he was when i was watching something borrowed but he's is wow. he's so hot its just him

7. Jaden smith, i love all of the smiths and Jadens just so great, i loveee karate kid and i love him :) He's so cute and he's amazing! 

8. Beyonce- she is amazing. She's got an amazing face and body and i want to be her, she is also so talented and its just not fair, but i love her. 

9.Lucy Hale- She is one of my new loves as i only found her like a week ago after watching pretty little liars but she's one of my favourites :) 

10. Last but not least- Eminem, i love Eminem... he is a god. His songs are too good and i need to go see him live on day. 

To be honest theres probably so many celebs i forgot about but these are some of my favourites, hope you liked it
Lara xoxo

Is lip art the new nail art?

My friend and i came across these last night and i think they are so cool! I don't think i would ever wear it on my lips going out (as you would do on nails) but i think they are amazing and such a good idea. I am going to try one soon so i will upload what it looks like. 

And my favourite one...

Cant wait to do one!
See you soooon 
Lara xoxo

Back to Blogging!!

I am so sorry that i haven't been on since April, i broke my laptop and have just go it back after such a long time of waiting! Im happy to be back and blogging again! 

Heres some things that happened while i was gone! 

My rooms finished! (I love it)
Had a few exams :( 
Im soo in love with pretty little liars!...My friend Hannah Paton got me into it and have now watched the first series and im up to date in less than a week! 
I got some of the things on my things i want at the moment list :)

I think thats pretty much it

Seee youu soooon
Lara xoxo