Monday, 18 April 2011

5 Items on my wish list right now!

There are a few things that i have seen and really liked so i am going to share them with you. Hope you like it!

1st Item- 
These shorts are from Topshop and they cost £26. They are new in to Topshop and i really like them because i think they look summery and they could be worn with a lot of things. Shorts are my favourite things to wear as they look stylish, go with almost everything and they are comfortable. 

2nd Item-
This is a MAC lipstick, it is from the quite cute collection and costs £10.50. It is in the colour quite cute. I have looked at this lipstick twice in the shop, tried it on and stood in the shop debating weather to buy it or not. I love it personally although it is quite weird because its purple, and its not every day you see people wearing purple lipstick. I have made my mind up after a few days of hard thinking and i am going to buy this even though it isn't an everyday lipstick!

3rd Item-
This is the NARS bronzing powder in the colour Lagoona and it costs £24. I am running out of the bronzer i am using at the moment and in need of a new one! I have been looking at bronzers for a while now, and was told about NARS. I was recommended it by quite a few people so i think i want to try it out. It isn't available to buy where i live so i am taking a chance by guessing the colour Lagoona, i choose it because i am quite pale and it is the lightest colour you can get. 

4th Item-
This dress is from ASOS and comes in at £38. I like it because it is cute, it reminds me of the summer (which i like) and i like the colour and style of it. I especially like the detail on the top of the dress and i like the collar. I like white in general as a colour, it looks clean and fresh and it shows of your summers glow! 

5th Item-
This is the Vera Wang Princess perfume, it is quite expensive at £45 for a 50ml bottle but is way worth it when you smell it. It has a floral, wonderful and generally amazing smell.I was introduced to this perfume by a friend who always talked about how amazing it smelt and one day she took me to smell it. Ever since then every time i see it i keep spraying myself with it! I like the bottle and i also like the colour. Im sure somewhere in the near future this perfume will be on my shelf!

Thank You for reading :) 
Hope you enjoyed it! 
Bye for nowwww
Laraaa xxx

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