Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Outfit of the day!

I have seen a few people do an outfit of the day so i thought i would do one! This is what i wore today!

These shorts are from Topshop and they cost £28. I think it is quite a bargain for how many times i wear them! They are my favourite shorts, i love the colour of the denim and i love the frayed edges. The frayed edges make them really effective and give them a vintage look.

This top is also from Topshop and it costs £32.50. It is quite expensive for a top but i really liked it. It goes really well with my shorts because it also has a vintage look and the colours go really well with the shorts. I like the floral pattern on the top and it is really soft. I wore it tucked into my shorts with a brown belt which was £2 from Primark! (Thats a bargin!!!)

These ballet shoes also from Topshop costed £16 and are one of my favourite pairs of shoes! These simple off white ballet shoes went with my outfit because they are plain and my top was quite detailed to they made the outfit simple! These shoes are SO comfortable it is unreal! My feet never ever ever get sore in these!

This hair clip is from Accessorise and was £5. I love this because i like the pattern and also it keeps your hair back so well! I slightly backcombed my hair and wore this clip at the side of my head.

Hope you like it!
Thanks for reading!
Lara :D xxx


  1. denim shorts are such a summer staple. love that floral tee.

    Thanks for your comment :).

    Helen, X