Saturday, 25 June 2011

My top 10 favourite celebs..

I though i would share with all you pretties my favourite celebs...They are in order..

1. My favourite of all time...JUSTIN BIEBER 

Justin bieber is so inspiring and i love him so much, he's amazing...and i went to see him on March 11th 2011 and it was the best night of my life. BE A BELIBER...btw...currently watching Justin bieber: Never say Never

2. Channing Tatum...he is so hot. I love him.

3. Chuck Bass...What can i say...Chuck bass is a stud, and he is amazing and so stunning and i love him <3

4. Blake Lively & Leighton Meester
These two are amazing, i love the gossip girl and Blake and Leighton are both amazing people and style icons, i want their lives in NYC.

 5.Rihanna...Rihanna is actually amazing, i love her red hair and she is so just hot...definitely got a girl crush on her...

6.Colin Egglesfield- I only just found out who he was when i was watching something borrowed but he's is wow. he's so hot its just him

7. Jaden smith, i love all of the smiths and Jadens just so great, i loveee karate kid and i love him :) He's so cute and he's amazing! 

8. Beyonce- she is amazing. She's got an amazing face and body and i want to be her, she is also so talented and its just not fair, but i love her. 

9.Lucy Hale- She is one of my new loves as i only found her like a week ago after watching pretty little liars but she's one of my favourites :) 

10. Last but not least- Eminem, i love Eminem... he is a god. His songs are too good and i need to go see him live on day. 

To be honest theres probably so many celebs i forgot about but these are some of my favourites, hope you liked it
Lara xoxo

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